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Single bottle of White wine Peter Jakob Kuhn, Rheingau Riesling Quarzit Trocken, Rheingau, 2021 The Perfect Bottle

Peter Jakob Kuhn
Rheingau Riesling Quarzit Trocken

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The producer

Peter Jakob Kühn is a renowned wine producer based in the Rheingau region of Germany, a family-owned estate that has been producing wines since 1786. The winery is committed to biodynamic viticulture, a holistic approach to farming that emphasizes the interrelationship between soil, plants, and animals as a self-sustaining system.

Peter Jakob Kühn and his family have been pioneers in adopting and promoting biodynamic practices in the region, aiming to produce wines that are not only expressive of their terroir but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The estate is best known for its Riesling wines, which are celebrated for their depth, complexity, and ability to age gracefully.

The wine

The Peter Jakob Kühn Rheingau Riesling Quarzit Trocken 2021 is a distinctive expression of the Rheingau region's unique terroir, particularly showcasing the quartzite soil's influence on the Riesling grape. This wine is a testament to the winery's commitment to biodynamic practices, aiming to reflect the purity and complexity of its origin. The "Quarzit Trocken" designation highlights a dry style Riesling, with "trocken" meaning dry in German, indicating that the wine has little to no residual sugar, emphasizing the crisp, mineral-driven character of the wine.

The 2021 vintage, like many from this region, benefits from the Rheingau's favourable growing season, producing wines of great aromatics, with this particular wine likely featuring vibrant citrus and stone fruit notes, a hallmark mineral complexity due to the quartzite soils, and a lively acidity that makes it both refreshing and capable of aging.

Type: White
Vintage: 2021
Country: Germany
Region: Rheingau
Village: Oestrich-Winkel
Grape: 100% Riesling
Style: Green and Flinty
Sweetness: Dry
ABV: 12%
Drinking window: 2022 - 2038
Size: 750ml
Food match: Shellfish, Crab and Lobster

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