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Searching for fine wine

There are three main (potential) categories of target wine:  While our main product offer is wines between the value per bottle of between £75 and £750.  However we believe there are opportunities to offer wines in the categories either side of our core offer:  

Star value wines

Wines between £45 to £75 and meet the criteria of the core group.  On the one hand they offer customers an opportunity to try out our concept and act as a stepping stone to our core offer.  We would only be able to a narrow major margin. 

Fine wines 

Our core offer and business focus.  Between £75 and £750 (or £1,000). Scores above 92 points and value above 90 points)

Treasury wines 

Wines in excess of £750/£1000.  These would have a high premium market and give us an opportunity to offer a more complete range of premium wines.  The opportunity for higher margins but “value” would have to be reassessed.