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Directly across the Tanaro River from the eastern and north-easter outskirts of Alba are the three villages that make up the commune of Barbaresco – Barbaresco itself, Neive and Treiso. (There is officially a tiny fourth within the confines of the town, and called Alba, but it is effectively part of Treiso.)

A more cohesive area than Barolo, Treiso and Barbaresco comprise one long hillside while the lower hillside of Neive rises across the Tinello stream to the east. 

The soils, altitudes and exposures produce wines slightly lighter, and perhaps more elegant, and are released a year earlier than wines from Barolo.

That said, Barbaresco in no way lives in the shadow of its sibling to the south-west.  Barbaresco is the smaller of the two appellations and the undulating hillside vineyards produce varied MGAs (specific vineyard crus) and we have focussed on those with longevity and fame for outstanding wines including Asili, Rabaja and Montestefano (Barbaresco), Santo Stefano (part of the Albesani MGA, Neive) and Pajore (Treiso).     

We offer some of the great Barbaresco from the following producers in this appellation: